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Why should I come to the show?

To be entertained

The Houston World Series of Dog Shows is one of the best entertainment values around. For only a few dollars, you can spend an entire day admiring thousands of beautiful dogs, shopping the vendor booths and enjoying such action-packed events as Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Frisbee® dogs, Canine Musical Freestyle and more.

To be educated

Everything you want to know about buying, training and caring for your dog is presented under one roof. You can also talk face-to-face with experts on any dog-related topic and learn about more than 80 different breeds at Meet the Breeds. Every year, the events for nonregistered dogs vary. We encourage you to bring your pets and participate in these happenings.

To see top competitors

Many of the top-winning show dogs in the country, representing virtually every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, will compete at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. Here’s your chance to see rare breeds and extraordinarily well-trained performance dogs.

When should I come?

Wednesday is an all-specialty show, meaning only conformation for certain breeds is held. Wednesday is also a free general admission and parking day, perfect time to shop at the McScotty Market. Thursday offers a discounted adult ticket ($10) since several of the performance events such as Flyball, Frisbee Dogs and Meet the Breed are not offered. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all offer full venues of activities and events at the full price of $15 per adult ticket, so choose the day that most suits your  needs. Please see the Schedule tab for more detailed information.  Click for Ticket Information.

Where should I park?

Park in the North Fannin Lot (Orange), which you can reach from Fannin via the Holly Hall entrance. The parking fee is $12 per day (CASH ONLY). To avoid this expense, we encourage you to ride Metro Rail and get off at Holly Hall stop to reach NRG Center.

May I bring my own food and drink?

NRG Center does not allow any outside food or drink because of an exclusive contract with ARAMARK. ARAMARK’s concession stands, however, offer a wide variety of food (including vegetarian) and drink.

May I bring my dog?

The competitions at our show are only for dogs that have been pre-entered. If you are coming to receive a PAL evaluation, you must bring your dog. You may also bring your dog for special fittings of canine sportswear or collars. We do not offer any “social” activities for family pets so please do not expect to find the equivalent of a dog park. Every year, the events for nonregistered dogs vary. We encourage you to bring your pets and participate in these activities.  If you do bring your pet, please remember that many of the entered dogs have been exposed to many other dogs at shows around the country before arriving here. For your dog’s safety and health, he should be at least 6-months-old and have all the proper vaccinations including the new strain of canine influenza. He must be under control at all times. For good animal husbandry reasons, “community” water bowls are not provided. If you bring your family pet, please bring your own water bowl or cup and be prepared to clean up after your dog. Flexible leads are not allowed.

Can I buy a puppy at the Show?

We do not allow dogs to be sold or adopted at the Show. We do encourage you to meet reputable breeders at Meet the Breeds or visit the numerous rescue societies and clubs and make an appointment to either purchase or adopt a dog.

Are wheel chair and scooter rentals available?

Yes. To reserve ahead of time, please call 832-667-1482. See rates below. If guest goes over the 4-hour mark, it simply goes to a daily rate.  Visa, Master Card, and Discover are accepted forms of payment. (Cash & Checks will not be accepted.)

  • 1 hour: $10 for wheelchair, $20 for scooter
  • 2 hours: $16 for wheelchair, $32 for scooter
  • 3 hours: $20 for wheelchair, $40 for scooter
  • 4 hours: $24 for wheelchair, $48 for scooter
  • Daily Rental: $35 for wheelchair, $70 for scooter
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