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Join us at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows in the McScotty Market! It’s an ideal place to promote your business to more than 40,000 exhibitors and individuals. Companies and nonprofit organizations should register early to get the best placement. Corner spots are available while they last.

All registrations for commercial and non-profit booths must be made through our online registration system.  To access the registration page, select the appropriate link below for either a Commercial or Non-Profit booth.

For Vendor inquiries, please contact Gary Bates via phone number: 713 501-6921, or email: houstonvendors@wildblue.net.

Registration Forms

Each booth is 10′ x 10′ priced at $715 per 10′ space.  You may reserve multiple spaces.  Your booth includes electricity, 8′ back drape and 3′ side drapes.  One 8′ bare table per 10′ space will be provided on request.  Chairs are not provided.

Each booth is 10′ x 10′ priced at $160 per 10′ space.  You may reserve multiple spaces.  Your booth includes electricity, 8′ back drape and 3′ side drapes.  One 8′ bare table per 10′ space will be provided on request.  Chairs are not provided

Freeman Online Service Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

To download our F.A.Q. as a PDF to save in your files or print, click here.

Can I make a deposit to reserve my space and be billed later for the remaining amount?

Yes, we require an initial payment of $100 to reserve your space. We will bill you in May for 1/2 of the remaining balance and final payment is due by June 15. You will not be allowed to setup if there is an outstanding balance. If you need to cancel your reservation before June 15, we will refund your entire payment. After June 15, we will refund your payments less the $100 deposit. We do not offer discounts for late registrations.

Can I select my preferred space?

We are not providing a layout of spaces this year for you to select a specific space. We need the flexibility to rearrange booth locations to accommodate vendors who require multiple spaces.  We will make every attempt to assign you to the space you had in prior years.  When we assign spaces, preference will be given to your history with the show and your registration date.

Prior to the show, we will post space assignments on our web site www.houstondogshows.com

When can I drive in to unload?

Drive-in will begin Monday, July 15 after the booths have been laid out. All vehicles must be removed by 8 PM on Monday.  Drive-in will continue on Tuesday, July 16 from 7 AM to 7 PM. All vehicles must be removed by 8 PM on Tuesday, and no vehicles may be left overnight. You can return to your booth after 8 PM to continue setup. Please remove your vehicle after unloading and then complete your setup. Vehicles will be allowed to drive-in to load on Sunday after Best in Show.

Are there special rules or restrictions?

The Vendor Committee will direct Move-In in an orderly manner. Merchandise cannot be displayed outside of your defined space.Nothing can be attached to walls or columns. A clear space of 5′ from any wall is required. Signs, banners, displays, etc. shall not exceed 12′ in height. NO flashing or rotating lights may be used. Balloons are not allowed in the building. Displays or sales are not permitted in the parking lot or crating area. Product giveaways are permitted in your booth only.

Dog food companies are prohibited due to exclusivity by our sponsor .

Human food vendors are subject to special restrictions. Please contact booth committee for additional information.

Only ADA approved equipment can be operated in the building during show hours.

Drones and hoverboards may be sold, but they cannot be demonstrated on the property.  Violators will be removed from the building and booth rental will not be refunded.

Can I sell food for human consumption?

All vendors (exhibitors) selling food must be pre-approved by ARAMARK who has the exclusive food and beverage contract with NRG Center.  Generally, ARAMARK will approve sales of food that is not intended to be consumed on premises.

How can I ship inventory to NRG Center?

Freeman will accept crated, boxed or skidded materials beginning Wednesday, June 21, 2018 at:

Exhibiting Company Name/Booth #______
C/O Freeman
9258 Park South View, Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77051

Material arriving after July 12, 2018 will be received at the warehouse with an additional after deadline charge.

Shipments sent directly to the show site beginning Tuesday, July 17, 2018 should be directed to:

Exhibiting Company Name/ Booth #______
Houston World Series of Dog Shows-442893
C/O Freeman
NRG Park
One NRG Park
Houston, TX  77054

Should I pay by Credit Card or Check?

Credit Card is preferred because we can issue automatic refunds, if necessary.

We recognize that some companies require payment by company check, and the payment screen has an option for “off line” payment.  Checks should be made payable to Houston World Series of Dog Shows and mailed to Jane Bates.

How do I know if I need more than the basic electrical service provided with the booth?

Basic electrical service will handle display lights, personal computers, etc.  Most exhibitors will know from prior experience how much electricity is needed.

How do I access the building and where should I park?

Best access to the property is from North Stadium Dr.  North Stadium can be accessed from Old Spanish Trail between Fannin St. and Kirby Dr.

Entry to NRG Center is through Dock C.

Vehicles can park in the Tan Lot adjacent to the loading docks with either a Tan Weekly Permit or a Tan Lot Designation Permit.

Trailers will be dropped in an area designated by the Booth Committee. We will provide transportation to and from your trailer to replenish inventory.

What are the Show hours?

Wednesday: 9AM-4PM

Thursday thru Sunday: 8AM-4PM

Please note that these are the hours the public gates are open.  Spectators often stay later to shop.

When and where should I pick up my show credentials, parking permits, etc.?

The Booth Committee will have a registration desk at the entrance to loading dock C on Monday and Tuesday.  Beginning Wednesday, their desk will be located in Hall C underneath the American Flag.