Detailed Schedule: Conformation by Breed

Multiple breeds may be listed in the same time slot and ring, and may be judged in a different order than shown below. To ensure you can see the breed you’d like, please arrive at the ring at the beginning of the time slot where the breed is set to be judged. If a breed is listed twice, it will be judged twice that day. Judging for a breed will not start earlier than posted, but may begin after in some instances.

Airedale Terrier110:55 AM812:50 PM1612:30 PM410:35 AM
Akita28:00 AM39:30 AM68:00 AM610:30 AM
Alaskan Malamute29:35 AM310:35 AM61:00 PM72:20 PM
American Hairless Terrier1210:55 AM31:50 PM1612:30 PM119:25 AM
American Staffordshire Terrier118:00 AM198:00 AM128:00 AM118:00 AM
American Eskimo Dog511:00 AM1612:45 PM71:05 PM412:40 PM
Anatolian Shepherd Dog510:00 AM39:30 AM59:00 AM69:30 AM
Australian Shepherd199:35 AM112:30 PM1912:50 PM191:00 PM
Australian Cattle Dog198:00 AM199:00 AM1911:25 AM199:00 AM
Australian Terrier121:05 PM31:50 PM112:15 PM111:45 PM
Basenji48:00 AM710:40 AM141:10 PM812:35 PM
Basset Hound412:05 PM72:05 PM141:10 PM812:35 PM
Beagle (13")48:00 AM78:00 AM148:00 AM511:00 AM
Beagle (15")49:30 AM79:05 AM148:00 AM51:05 PM
Bearded Collie1912:35 PM112:30 PM1112:50 PM133:05 PM
Beauceron112:30 PM48:00 AM1311:00 AM
Bedlington Terrier1212:15 PM31:50 PM112:15 PM141:55 PM
Belgian Malinois199:35 AM1910:50 AM149:25 AM133:05 PM
Belgian Sheepdog1912:35 PM112:30 PM512:55 PM133:05 PM
Berger Picard1912:35 PM1910:50 AM48:00 AM133:05 PM
Bernese Mountain Dog510:00 AM31:50 PM39:15 AM712:45 PM
Bichon Frise121:05 PM1212:55 PM121:30 PM310:35 AM
Black Russian Terrier22:00 PM312:50 PM512:55 PM612:35 PM
Bloodhound72:05 PM21:05 PM812:35 PM
Boerboel28:00 AM39:30 AM512:55 PM69:30 AM
Border Collie199:35 AM1910:50 AM1910:20 AM133:05 PM
Border Terrier1612:55 PM149:50 AM48:00 AM119:25 AM
Borzoi69:15 AM712:00 PM29:20 AM89:40 AM
Borzoi712:35 PM
Boston Terrier88:00 AM168:00 AM72:10 PM49:15 AM
Bouvier des Flandres1912:35 PM82:05 PM1912:50 PM412:40 PM
Boxer39:25 AM210:45 AM51:55 PM61:55 PM
Boxer210:55 AM
Boykin Spaniel68:00 AM610:50 AM21:05 PM141:55 PM
Briard1912:35 PM112:30 PM1912:50 PM412:40 PM
Brittany1410:00 AM29:30 AM711:10 AM38:00 AM
Brussels Griffon139:40 AM1110:35 AM1312:45 PM179:10 AM
Bull Terrier (Color)1612:55 PM142:15 PM1711:00 AM169:00 AM
Bull Terrier (Color)142:35 PM
Bull Terrier (White)162:40 PM142:15 PM1710:00 AM1610:25 AM
Bull Terrier (White)142:35 PM
Bulldog128:00 AM169:25 AM78:00 AM58:00 AM
Bullmastiff510:00 AM310:35 AM69:45 AM710:30 AM
Cairn Terrier1210:55 AM88:00 AM169:25 AM410:35 AM
Canaan Dog199:35 AM199:00 AM1912:50 PM48:00 AM
Cane Corso28:00 AM411:10 AM59:00 AM710:30 AM
Cardigan Welsh Corgi212:50 PM139:35 AM1411:15 AM132:05 PM
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel1312:35 PM1112:40 PM132:10 PM171:45 PM
Chesapeake Bay Retriever1411:10 AM22:10 PM28:00 AM1712:45 PM
Chihuahua (Long)138:00 AM119:05 AM12:00 PM179:10 AM
Chihuahua (Smooth)138:00 AM118:00 AM112:50 PM178:00 AM
Chinese Crested1310:50 AM1112:40 PM162:20 PM171:45 PM
Chinese Shar-Pei129:05 AM1610:40 AM512:55 PM48:00 AM
Chow Chow612:40 PM1612:45 PM512:55 PM412:40 PM
Cirneco dell’Etna21:05 PM812:35 PM
Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)141:50 PM69:40 AM48:00 AM1312:40 PM
Cocker Spaniel (Black)141:50 PM612:40 PM1112:50 PM1312:40 PM
Cocker Spaniel (Parti-Color)1412:40 PM62:05 PM112:15 PM1311:00 AM
Clumber Spaniel141:50 PM72:05 PM21:05 PM1412:45 PM
Collie (Rough)311:05 AM710:40 AM1112:50 PM191:00 PM
Collie (Smooth)32:00 PM72:05 PM1112:50 PM191:00 PM
Coton de Tulear61:40 PM1612:45 PM112:15 PM312:00 PM
Dachshund (Long)410:45 AM79:05 AM12:00 PM29:40 AM
Dachshund (Smooth)48:00 AM78:00 AM112:50 PM210:40 AM
Dachshund (Wire)49:30 AM1212:55 PM112:50 PM29:40 AM
Dalmatian1612:55 PM1610:40 AM121:30 PM38:00 AM
Dandie Dinmont Terrier111:30 PM82:05 PM162:20 PM111:45 PM
Doberman Pinscher18:00 AM18:00 AM18:00 AM110:40 AM
Dogue de Bordeaux411:10 AM1610:40 AM
English Setter69:15 AM21:10 PM1610:40 AM1410:50 AM
English Springer Spaniel141:50 PM612:40 PM21:05 PM1712:45 PM
English Cocker Spaniel1412:40 PM1612:45 PM211:30 AM89:40 AM
English Toy Spaniel (Blenheim & Prince Charles)1312:35 PM1110:35 AM169:25 AM171:45 PM
English Toy Spaniel (King Charles & Ruby)131:45 PM1112:40 PM162:20 PM1712:45 PM
Field Spaniel141:50 PM612:40 PM71:05 PM1311:00 AM
Finnish Lapphund32:00 PM72:05 PM1912:50 PM133:05 PM
Finnish Spitz612:40 PM1610:40 AM79:20 AM48:00 AM
Flat-Coated Retriever68:00 AM21:10 PM29:20 AM1410:50 AM
Fox Terrier (Smooth)119:30 AM312:30 PM168:00 AM119:25 AM
Fox Terrier (Smooth)312:50 PM
Fox Terrier (Wire)1110:45 AM312:30 PM162:20 PM111:45 PM
Fox Terrier (Wire)312:50 PM
French Bulldog129:05 AM59:00 AM79:20 AM59:30 AM
German Pinscher19:30 AM49:30 AM111:00 AM48:00 AM
German Shepherd Dog198:00 AM199:00 AM198:00 AM199:00 AM
German Shorthaired Pointer131:45 PM28:00 AM149:25 AM148:00 AM
German Wirehaired Pointer131:45 PM29:30 AM149:25 AM1712:45 PM
Giant Schnauzer32:00 PM191:00 PM111:00 AM612:35 PM
Glen of Imaal Terrier121:05 PM31:50 PM129:10 AM141:55 PM
Golden Retriever812:35 PM89:20 AM88:00 AM812:35 PM
Gordon Setter68:00 AM21:10 PM29:20 AM1412:45 PM
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen410:45 AM59:00 AM59:00 AM69:30 AM
Great Dane22:00 PM38:00 AM19:30 AM28:00 AM
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog38:00 AM411:10 AM68:00 AM78:00 AM
Havanese1310:50 AM1110:35 AM169:25 AM1710:10 AM
Ibizan Hound1212:55 PM28:00 AM69:30 AM
Irish Red and White Setter68:00 AM710:40 AM1610:40 AM141:55 PM
Irish Setter611:00 AM22:10 PM21:05 PM141:55 PM
Irish Terrier121:05 PM31:50 PM129:10 AM1412:45 PM
Irish Wolfhound171:00 PM1212:55 PM28:00 AM69:30 AM
Italian Greyhound138:00 AM118:00 AM168:00 AM178:00 AM
Japanese Chin1312:35 PM1112:40 PM169:25 AM171:45 PM
Keeshond121:05 PM1610:40 AM129:10 AM312:00 PM
Kerry Blue Terrier111:30 PM82:05 PM129:10 AM412:40 PM
Kuvasz311:05 AM412:10 PM39:15 AM69:30 AM
Labrador Retriever89:05 AM148:00 AM141:10 PM88:00 AM
Lagotto Romagnolo141:50 PM22:10 PM71:05 PM1311:00 AM
Lakeland Terrier1110:45 AM82:05 PM62:15 PM1112:45 PM
Leonberger38:00 AM19:35 AM1610:40 AM710:30 AM
Lhasa Apso1210:55 AM1612:45 PM121:30 PM310:35 AM
Löwchen61:40 PM1311:15 AM112:15 PM128:00 AM
Maltese1312:35 PM1112:40 PM162:20 PM171:45 PM
Manchester Terrier (Standard)1110:45 AM149:50 AM62:15 PM410:35 AM
Manchester Terrier (Toy)138:00 AM119:05 AM1312:45 PM119:25 AM
Mastiff38:00 AM19:35 AM38:00 AM78:00 AM
Miniature American Shepherd38:00 AM131:55 PM1910:20 AM1312:40 PM
Miniature Pinscher138:00 AM119:05 AM139:15 AM179:10 AM
Miniature Schnauzer121:05 PM82:05 PM1612:30 PM1111:00 AM
Miniature Bull Terrier1612:55 PM1412:40 PM1711:00 AM169:00 AM
Miniature Bull Terrier1412:45 PM
Mudi121:05 PM1312:55 PM211:30 AM141:55 PM
Neapolitan Mastiff510:00 AM49:30 AM59:00 AM710:30 AM
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje141:50 PM1612:45 PM71:05 PM141:55 PM
Newfoundland510:00 AM710:40 AM38:00 AM610:30 AM
Norwegian Elkhound171:00 PM1212:55 PM21:05 PM51:05 PM
Norwegian Lundehund612:40 PM138:00 AM810:40 AM128:00 AM
Norfolk Terrier1110:45 AM1910:50 AM1312:45 PM410:35 AM
Norfolk Terrier119:30 AM149:50 AM111:00 AM410:35 AM
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever141:50 PM1612:45 PM1712:45 PM
Old English Sheepdog32:00 PM1312:55 PM1112:50 PM133:05 PM
Papillon139:40 AM119:05 AM510:30 AM1710:10 AM
Pekingese172:00 PM62:05 PM410:35 AM1212:20 PM
Pembroke Welsh Corgi210:55 AM138:00 AM199:05 AM198:00 AM
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen179:20 AM1212:55 PM510:30 AM511:00 AM
Pharaoh Hound171:00 PM1212:55 PM512:55 PM612:35 PM
Pointer148:00 AM28:00 AM28:00 AM199:00 AM
Pomeranian172:00 PM610:50 AM112:15 PM129:10 AM
Poodle (Miniature)612:40 PM191:00 PM812:40 PM129:10 AM
Poodle (Standard)810:35 AM111:15 AM810:40 AM1212:20 PM
Poodle (Toy)61:40 PM192:30 PM81:50 PM1210:20 AM
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno179:20 AM1212:55 PM510:30 AM51:05 PM
Portuguese Water Dog32:00 PM191:00 PM1610:40 AM712:45 PM
Pug178:00 AM69:40 AM48:00 AM128:00 AM
Puli1912:35 PM31:50 PM1912:50 PM191:00 PM
Pumi32:00 PM1311:15 AM1910:20 AM191:00 PM
Rat Terrier119:30 AM88:00 AM1312:45 PM119:25 AM
Rhodesian Ridgeback178:00 AM58:00 AM58:00 AM51:05 PM
Rottweiler19:30 AM49:30 AM69:45 AM79:15 AM
Russian Toy1312:55 PM211:30 AM141:55 PM
Russell Terrier111:30 PM88:00 AM1312:45 PM111:45 PM
Saluki178:00 AM58:00 AM59:00 AM69:30 AM
Samoyed110:55 AM812:30 PM39:15 AM712:45 PM
Samoyed812:50 PM
Schipperke61:40 PM138:00 AM128:00 AM39:35 AM
Scottish Deerhound171:00 PM1212:55 PM
Scottish Terrier111:30 PM1410:50 AM411:00 AM1112:45 PM
Scottish Terrier1411:05 AM411:15 AM
Sealyham Terrier111:30 PM141:20 PM62:15 PM111:45 PM
Shetland Sheepdog312:45 PM131:55 PM49:15 AM1911:00 AM
Shiba Inu511:00 AM1312:55 PM129:10 AM39:35 AM
Shih Tzu171:00 PM62:05 PM132:10 PM412:40 PM
Siberian Husky162:40 PM412:10 PM149:25 AM710:30 AM
Silky Terrier1312:45 PM412:40 PM
Skye Terrier111:30 PM149:50 AM62:15 PM111:45 PM
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier111:30 PM142:35 PM62:15 PM412:40 PM
Spinone Italiano1411:10 AM612:40 PM71:05 PM1410:50 AM
Staffordshire Bull Terrier118:00 AM88:00 AM68:00 AM118:00 AM
Standard Schnauzer311:05 AM19:35 AM611:25 AM612:35 PM
Swedish Vallhund32:00 PM1312:55 PM112:15 PM132:05 PM
Tibetan Mastiff38:00 AM411:10 AM611:25 AM69:30 AM
Tibetan Spaniel179:20 AM1312:55 PM1112:50 PM39:35 AM
Tibetan Terrier171:00 PM1311:15 AM812:40 PM310:35 AM
Toy Fox Terrier179:20 AM69:40 AM139:15 AM48:00 AM
Vizsla148:00 AM68:00 AM138:00 AM149:30 AM
Weimaraner148:00 AM68:00 AM139:15 AM148:00 AM
Welsh Springer Spaniel141:50 PM612:40 PM71:05 PM1311:00 AM
West Highland White Terrier1112:00 PM141:05 PM62:15 PM111:45 PM
West Highland White Terrier141:20 PM
West Highland White Terrier1112:30 PM
Whippet1710:50 AM510:40 AM1310:25 AM68:00 AM
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon1411:10 AM612:40 PM139:15 AM1412:45 PM
Xoloitzcuintli810:35 AM139:35 AM81:50 PM128:00 AM
Yorkshire Terrier172:00 PM62:05 PM132:10 PM412:40 PM