Detailed Schedule: Conformation by Breed

Multiple breeds may be listed in the same time slot and ring, and may be judged in a different order than shown below. To ensure you can see the breed you’d like, please arrive at the ring at the beginning of the time slot where the breed is set to be judged. If a breed is listed twice, it will be judged twice that day. Judging for a breed will not start earlier than posted, but may begin after in some instances.

AFFENPIN71:30 PM81:00 PM911:00 AM1010:10 AM
AFGHAN142:10 PM61:10 PM1012:55 PM912:55 PM
AIREDALE1011:00 AM512:40 PM510:50 AM110:50 AM
AKITA49:35 AM210:05 AM138:00 AM610:15 AM
ALAS MAL49:35 AM118:00 AM410:40 AM611:30 AM
AM FOXHND612:50 PM712:55 PM712:35 PM109:05 AM
AM HAIRLESS TER108:00 AM510:35 AM58:00 AM78:00 AM
AM STAFF1012:30 PM58:00 AM69:15 AM18:00 AM
AMER ESK DOG139:15 AM1010:50 AM1112:50 PM81:45 PM
ANATOLIAN SHEP411:05 AM118:00 AM412:55 PM610:15 AM
AUST SHEP1212:30 PM19:10 AM512:45 PM149:15 AM
AUSTR CATTDOG18:00 AM18:00 AM510:50 AM28:00 AM
AUSTR TERR109:30 AM510:35 AM59:15 AM110:50 AM
BASENJI310:45 AM912:50 PM79:35 AM910:45 AM
BASSET141:00 PM912:50 PM108:00 AM912:55 PM
BEAGLE-13 IN38:00 AM99:20 AM18:00 AM99:00 AM
BEAGLE-15 IN39:20 AM910:35 AM19:15 AM910:45 AM
BEARD COLL411:05 AM19:10 AM19:15 AM1412:45 PM
BEAUCERON18:00 AM19:10 AM19:15 AM1412:45 PM
BEDLINGTON1011:00 AM611:25 AM512:45 PM1012:40 PM
BEL MAL18:00 AM11:00 PM112:45 PM148:00 AM
BEL SHP110:05 AM11:00 PM112:45 PM149:15 AM
BEL TERV1212:30 PM11:00 PM112:45 PM1412:45 PM
BERG PICARD1212:30 PM149:00 AM112:45 PM101:40 PM
BERNS MTN411:05 AM111:00 PM412:55 PM1012:40 PM
BICHON1312:25 PM1012:50 PM1112:50 PM1412:45 PM
BIEWER TERR59:00 AM18:00 AM911:00 AM78:00 AM
BLACK RUSS411:05 AM111:00 PM412:55 PM61:00 PM
BLOODHND612:50 PM712:55 PM712:35 PM109:05 AM
BOERBOEL48:00 AM118:00 AM98:00 AM19:10 AM
BORDER COLL149:25 AM149:00 AM39:10 AM101:40 PM
BORDER TERR109:30 AM510:35 AM59:15 AM79:10 AM
BORZOI149:25 AM611:50 AM712:35 PM109:05 AM
BOSTON TERR98:00 AM39:10 AM118:00 AM38:00 AM
BOUV DES FLAN149:25 AM1412:45 PM72:10 PM101:40 PM
BOXER48:00 AM212:30 PM39:10 AM68:00 AM
BOXER212:45 PM
BOYKIN812:30 PM128:00 AM1012:55 PM510:35 AM
BRACCO59:00 AM18:00 AM911:00 AM78:00 AM
BRIARD312:55 PM1412:45 PM1412:50 PM101:40 PM
BRITTANY119:00 AM29:05 AM148:00 AM129:35 AM
BRUSS GRIF79:35 AM810:00 AM129:15 AM132:00 PM
BULL TER COLOR1012:30 PM69:50 AM610:35 AM89:05 AM
BULL TER WHITE1012:30 PM69:50 AM69:15 AM89:05 AM
BULLDOG98:00 AM38:00 AM128:00 AM38:00 AM
BULLMASTIFF48:00 AM118:00 AM410:40 AM69:00 AM
CAIRN TERR109:30 AM69:00 AM59:15 AM710:15 AM
CANAAN312:55 PM1412:45 PM1412:50 PM101:40 PM
CANE CORSO48:00 AM118:00 AM410:40 AM610:15 AM
CARD WELSH CORG89:00 AM141:50 PM72:10 PM210:00 AM
CAV KING CH71:30 PM811:15 AM1210:15 AM1310:30 AM
CHES BAY RET1110:05 AM210:05 AM310:30 AM129:35 AM
CHIHUA LONG78:00 AM810:00 AM911:00 AM138:00 AM
CHIHUA SMOOTH78:00 AM810:00 AM99:30 AM138:00 AM
CHIN CREST710:55 AM81:00 PM1210:15 AM139:10 AM
CHIN SHAR-PEI138:00 AM108:00 AM128:00 AM88:00 AM
CIRNECHI D’ET610:50 AM912:50 PM712:35 PM912:55 PM
CKR SPN ASCOB112:30 PM1211:00 AM1012:55 PM1210:45 AM
CKR SPN BLACK1012:55 PM121:00 PM
CKR SPN PARTI1210:55 AM1211:00 AM1010:30 AM121:00 PM
CLUMBER SPN129:40 AM1211:00 AM1012:55 PM111:10 PM
COLL ROUGH312:55 PM1412:45 PM1410:40 AM101:40 PM
COLL SMOOTH149:25 AM141:50 PM149:35 AM101:40 PM
COTON DE TUL139:15 AM1012:50 PM1212:45 PM510:35 AM
CURLY COAT RET1110:05 AM29:05 AM310:30 AM129:35 AM
DACH LONG310:45 AM99:20 AM79:35 AM99:00 AM
DACH SMOOTH38:00 AM910:35 AM78:00 AM98:00 AM
DACH WIRE39:20 AM98:00 AM711:05 AM99:00 AM
DALMATIAN91:05 PM312:35 PM99:30 AM58:00 AM
DANDIE DIN512:40 PM612:30 PM710:15 AM
DOBERMAN18:00 AM49:15 AM110:20 AM19:10 AM
DOGO ARGE59:00 AM18:00 AM911:00 AM78:00 AM
ENG SETT112:30 PM210:05 AM811:00 AM1210:45 AM
ENG SPRINGER1210:55 AM129:50 AM312:50 PM121:00 PM
ENGLISH COCKER812:30 PM128:00 AM812:55 PM1210:45 AM
ENGTOYSP B&PC71:30 PM81:00 PM1212:45 PM1010:10 AM
FIELD SPN1210:55 AM211:45 AM812:55 PM121:00 PM
FINN LAPP1412:45 PM131:35 PM1012:40 PM
FLAT COAT RET1110:05 AM210:05 AM310:30 AM121:00 PM
FOX TER SMOOTH510:00 AM128:00 AM610:35 AM1012:40 PM
FOX TER WIRE511:25 AM1211:00 AM612:30 PM110:50 AM
FRENCH BULL910:20 AM138:00 AM912:50 PM410:20 AM
GERM PIN411:05 AM111:00 PM412:55 PM62:00 PM
GERM SHEPHERD148:00 AM148:00 AM148:00 AM148:00 AM
GERM SHT PNT118:00 AM28:00 AM38:00 AM128:00 AM
GERM WIRE PNT118:00 AM28:00 AM38:00 AM128:00 AM
GIANT SCHN411:05 AM111:00 PM412:55 PM101:40 PM
GLEN IMAAL1012:20 PM512:40 PM612:30 PM710:15 AM
GOLD RET1111:05 AM119:30 AM119:35 AM119:30 AM
GORD SETT129:40 AM81:00 PM811:00 AM59:05 AM
GRD BAS BRIF VN149:25 AM712:55 PM912:50 PM912:55 PM
GREAT DANE69:05 AM48:00 AM28:00 AM310:30 AM
GRT PYRENEES612:50 PM412:50 PM912:50 PM110:50 AM
GRT SWISS MTN612:50 PM412:50 PM98:00 AM19:10 AM
HAVANESE710:55 AM79:30 AM1011:40 AM139:10 AM
IBIZAN HND149:25 AM712:55 PM912:50 PM109:05 AM
ICELANDIC SHEEP811:25 AM1412:45 PM131:35 PM1412:45 PM
IRISH SETT112:30 PM129:50 AM812:55 PM59:05 AM
IRISH TER1011:00 AM611:25 AM612:30 PM710:15 AM
IRISH WATER SPN112:30 PM512:40 PM812:55 PM111:10 PM
IRISH WOLFHND149:25 AM712:55 PM912:50 PM912:55 PM
ITAL GRYHND78:00 AM78:00 AM109:25 AM410:20 AM
JAP CHIN79:35 AM79:30 AM1010:30 AM139:10 AM
JR SHOW MASTER91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW NV IN91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW NV JR91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW NV SR91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW OP IN91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW OP JR91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
JR SHOW OP SR91:05 PM108:00 AM48:00 AM48:00 AM
KEESHOND1312:25 PM1012:50 PM1112:50 PM1412:45 PM
KERRY BLUE1011:00 AM131:30 PM612:30 PM710:15 AM
LABRADOR110:05 AM88:00 AM88:00 AM118:00 AM
LAGOTTO1110:05 AM211:45 AM112:45 PM121:00 PM
LAKELND TERR1011:00 AM211:45 AM612:30 PM110:50 AM
LEONBERGER69:05 AM48:00 AM98:00 AM19:10 AM
LHASA1310:20 AM1012:50 PM1212:45 PM81:45 PM
LOWCHEN139:15 AM1012:50 PM1212:45 PM510:35 AM
MALTESE712:30 PM712:55 PM1010:30 AM132:00 PM
MANCH TERR-STD59:00 AM128:00 AM68:00 AM79:10 AM
MANCH TERR-TOY79:35 AM79:30 AM109:25 AM89:05 AM
MASTIFF69:05 AM410:45 AM98:00 AM18:00 AM
MIN AM SHEPHERD810:25 AM1410:20 AM149:35 AM1412:45 PM
MIN PIN78:00 AM79:30 AM109:25 AM89:05 AM
MIN SCHN510:00 AM510:35 AM59:15 AM112:30 PM
MINI BULL TERR1012:30 PM69:00 AM68:00 AM110:50 AM
MUDI911:00 AM78:00 AM
NEAP MASTIFF48:00 AM410:40 AM28:00 AM
NEDER KOOIK1110:05 AM211:45 AM112:45 PM121:00 PM
NEWF610:50 AM410:45 AM412:55 PM61:00 PM
NOR ELK HND312:55 PM712:55 PM912:50 PM912:55 PM
NOR LUN712:30 PM31:45 PM139:25 AM1412:45 PM
NORFOLK TERR1011:00 AM139:15 AM612:30 PM710:15 AM
NORWICH TERR109:30 AM1310:15 AM59:15 AM79:10 AM
NOVA SCOTIA119:00 AM59:25 AM89:30 AM59:05 AM
OBED BEG NV A1510:40 AM1512:00 PM1610:30 AM1610:25 AM
OBED BEG NV B1510:40 AM1512:00 PM1511:25 AM1511:50 AM
OBED GRAD OP1510:05 AM159:30 AM169:00 AM169:10 AM
OBED NV A1611:35 AM1611:00 AM1511:25 AM1511:50 AM
OBED NV B1610:20 AM1610:00 AM1511:25 AM1511:50 AM
OBED OP A158:00 AM158:00 AM169:20 AM169:30 AM
OBED OP B168:00 AM168:00 AM159:45 AM159:55 AM
OBED PRE NV1611:35 AM1611:35 AM1511:50 AM
OBED UT A1510:40 AM1512:00 PM168:00 AM168:00 AM
OBED UT B1510:40 AM159:50 AM158:00 AM158:00 AM
OLD ENGLISH SHP812:30 PM512:40 PM72:10 PM101:40 PM
PAPILLON79:35 AM710:30 AM18:00 AM810:40 AM
PARSON RUSSELL1012:20 PM211:45 AM512:45 PM710:15 AM
PEKINGESE511:25 AM712:55 PM911:00 AM81:45 PM
PEMB WELSH CORG88:00 AM1410:20 AM139:25 AM29:00 AM
PET BAS GRI VEN1410:55 AM92:20 PM99:30 AM1010:10 AM
PHARAOH HND312:55 PM712:55 PM912:50 PM912:55 PM
POINTER128:00 AM88:00 AM110:20 AM58:00 AM
POM911:35 AM710:30 AM112:45 PM812:25 PM
POOD MIN139:15 AM139:15 AM131:35 PM1310:30 AM
POOD STD131:35 PM131:30 PM1312:35 PM132:00 PM
POOD TOY1310:20 AM1310:15 AM1310:35 AM1312:50 PM
PORT PODE PEQU612:50 PM98:00 AM711:05 AM98:00 AM
PORT WATERDOG612:50 PM412:50 PM412:55 PM101:40 PM
PUG59:00 AM78:00 AM58:00 AM88:00 AM
PULIK810:25 AM141:50 PM1410:40 AM211:10 AM
PUMI810:25 AM141:50 PM149:35 AM29:00 AM
PYRN SHEP88:00 AM141:50 PM1410:40 AM210:00 AM
RALLY ADV A179:55 AM179:55 AM179:30 AM179:35 AM
RALLY ADV B179:55 AM179:55 AM179:30 AM179:35 AM
RALLY EX A179:00 AM179:00 AM178:45 AM178:45 AM
RALLY EX B179:00 AM179:00 AM178:45 AM178:45 AM
RALLY INTRMED1710:50 AM1710:50 AM1710:30 AM1710:30 AM
RALLY MASTER178:00 AM178:00 AM178:00 AM178:00 AM
RALLY NV A1711:35 AM1711:50 AM1711:55 AM1711:20 AM
RALLY NV B1711:35 AM1711:50 AM1711:20 AM1711:20 AM
RAT TERR108:00 AM139:15 AM68:00 AM79:10 AM
REDBONE312:55 PM912:50 PM912:50 PM1010:10 AM
RHORIDGE142:10 PM61:10 PM108:00 AM108:00 AM
ROTTWEILER68:00 AM310:50 AM1410:40 AM69:00 AM
RUSS TOY59:00 AM18:00 AM911:00 AM78:00 AM
RUSSELL TERR1012:20 PM512:40 PM512:45 PM710:15 AM
SALUKI148:00 AM98:00 AM98:00 AM912:55 PM
SAMOYED712:15 PM312:20 PM1412:50 PM62:00 PM
SAMOYED712:30 PM312:35 PM
SCHIPPERKE138:00 AM1010:50 AM129:15 AM138:00 AM
SCOTDEERHND312:55 PM912:50 PM912:50 PM912:55 PM
SCOTTISH TERR109:30 AM1311:45 AM1112:10 PM112:30 PM
SCOTTISH TERR1312:25 PM1112:50 PM
SEALYHM TERR511:25 AM1211:00 AM59:15 AM710:15 AM
SHETLD SHEEP1410:55 AM149:00 AM312:50 PM211:10 AM
SHIBA INU91:05 PM38:00 AM129:15 AM510:35 AM
SHIH TZU512:45 PM1010:10 AM
SIB HUSKY610:50 AM410:45 AM138:00 AM61:00 PM
SILKY TERR1410:40 AM81:45 PM
SKYE TERR1011:00 AM512:40 PM612:30 PM112:30 PM
SOFT-CTD WHEAT1011:00 AM1312:25 PM612:30 PM710:15 AM
SPAN WATER DG812:30 PM58:00 AM1412:50 PM1012:40 PM
SPINONE ITAL129:40 AM59:25 AM811:00 AM58:00 AM
ST BERN610:50 AM312:35 PM1410:40 AM62:00 PM
STAF BULL108:00 AM69:00 AM68:00 AM78:00 AM
STD SCHN612:50 PM31:45 PM310:30 AM62:00 PM
SUSSEX SPN812:30 PM1211:00 AM812:55 PM121:00 PM
TIB MASTIFF612:50 PM412:50 PM312:50 PM61:00 PM
TIB SPAN138:00 AM1010:50 AM1212:45 PM81:45 PM
TIB TERR1312:25 PM1012:50 PM1212:45 PM81:45 PM
TOY FOX59:00 AM79:30 AM149:35 AM89:05 AM
VIZSLA128:00 AM58:00 AM89:30 AM111:10 PM
WEIM128:00 AM59:25 AM89:30 AM128:00 AM
WEL SPR SPN1210:55 AM1211:00 AM812:55 PM111:10 PM
WELSH TER1012:20 PM1312:25 PM612:30 PM112:30 PM
WEST HIGHLND512:00 PM1212:30 PM612:30 PM812:25 PM
WEST HIGHLND512:35 PM1212:55 PM
WHIPPET141:00 PM92:20 PM78:00 AM310:30 AM
WIREHPNT GRIF129:40 AM59:25 AM811:00 AM59:05 AM
XOLOS131:35 PM1012:50 PM1212:45 PM1412:45 PM
YORKSH TERR510:00 AM712:55 PM1010:30 AM81:45 PM