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Vendor Registration Online!

Commercial and Non-Profit Vendor Booth Registration is now available online for the 40th Houston World Series of Dog Shows McScotty Market. Register early to get the best  placement. Use the links below to access further details and appropriate entry forms.   •  Commercial Vendor Booth Registration •  Non-Profit Vendor Booth Registration

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Transitioning Your Pet to a New Schedule

With the first weeks of school underway, households across the nation are transitioning to new schedules. Changes in routines and schedules can affect everyone in the family including the family dog. It is important to provide your dog with a smooth transition to a new schedule to prevent destructive or unruly behavior in your household while you […]

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The Poodle Clip – Fashionable or Functional?

The poodle is an active and intelligent dog that is typically recognized for its distinctive appearance, however, what most people don’t know is that poodles are more than just fluffy show dogs fighting for their chance to take the “Best in Show” title. Many aspects of poodles are a mystery to the general public including […]

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The Not-So-Sweet Kissing Bugs

Ever heard of “kissing bugs”? These bugs have recently been found throughout South and Central Texas, and there is nothing sweet about them.  They carry a parasite that can cause a disease called Chagas, a parasitic virus, which can be transmitted to both dogs and humans a variety of ways. The most common ways dogs […]

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The Ultimate Doghouse

It’s time to put your dream home plans aside and build the best little doghouse in Texas! During the past several years, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) has sponsored a designer doghouse challenge in which local architects, craftsmen and hobbyists or just anybody with a saw and hammer can construct a unique puppy palace for […]

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Beginner’s Dog Show Etiquette

If you are a visitor, there are some guidelines you should follow when attending the shows to ensure competing exhibitors can do their very best, and to make sure you enjoy your time at the shows as much as possible. Always ask before petting any dog. Whether the dog is competing or not, the owner […]

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