Catch the Action

Catch the Action
July 18, 2011 hwsds
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The Pro Plan Performance Team, consisting of more than 15 remarkably talented canines, entertains audiences around the country with extraordinary freestyle flying disc shows.   Led by head trainer, John Casey and three other trainers, the Team, which is made up primarily of rescued dogs, is living proof that with premium, high-quality nutrition, proper expert training and lots of unconditional love that any dog has the ability to be truly amazing.  During a show, the canine team members astound crowds with advanced feats of athleticism that include vaulting off a trainer’s back to snag a flying disc in mid-air,  catching multiple long-distance flying disc throws in a row and performing acrobatic and balancing acts like flipping and weaving backwards through the trainers’ legs. All set to music, the Shows are fun for all ages, and they are also educational as the trainers emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership by providing helpful tips for having a well-balanced, healthy and loving relationship with a pet.

For more information about the Pro Plan Performance Team, please call 1-888-688-PETS or send an email to


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