Dr Kruger Pet Supplements

Dr Charles C. Kruger, DVM has faced a 'Silent Killer.' In 1984, he and his team began a crusade to unravel the mysterious and unexplainable sudden death syndrome afflicting some of the nation's most prized champion German Shepherds. Their research determined the most susceptible dog breeds lacked sufficient pancreatic enzymes or immunoglobulin A resulting in a buildup of fatal toxins within their gut and intestine. Committed to finding a response to this deadly digestive disorder named Toxic Gut Syndrome, the team developed The Supplement, a true pioneering step in veterinarian medicine. 

Currently, Dr Kruger Pet Supplements are the only complete All-In-One nutritional products on the market whose unique formulas provide bio-available vitamins, minerals and trace elements to reset the body's natural balance required for normal immune system function. As owners and breeders, we want our pets to enjoy optimal vitality, but today's modern diets can regularly lack the nutrients necessary for sustained health. By educating ourselves about our pets' life cycles and providing them with proper nutritional care such as all-natural Dr Kruger Pet Supplements, we can alleviate and/or prevent the harmful and potentially devastating effects of gastrointestinal disorders.

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