Barn Hunt and Creative Dog Grooming join dog show events for the first time.

The Barn Hunt is a unique competition — open to any dog — that tests the canine’s instinctive ability to hunt, in this case, rats.  Yes, rats.  Specifically, this event tests a dog’s ability to sniff and search out a live rat safely secured in a metal tube hidden inside a course made of hay.  

Creative Dog Grooming is a mesmerizing exhibition, which showcases the talents of highly skilled dog groomers. Equipped with colored chalk, hair spray, and wild imaginations, contestants sculpt their dogs’ fur into works of art and weirdness. You may see dogs that looks strangely like pandas, ponies, lions, giraffes, pirates of the Caribbean or favorite cartoon or video game characters. Get your smartphones ready to snap some unbelievable pictures!

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4 Responses to “Barn Hunt and Creative Dog Grooming join dog show events for the first time.”

  1. Karen Anderson says:

    Would like to sign up a Yorkie & an Aussie for Barn Hunt on Friday. Thanks!

  2. deborah shaver says:

    would like barn hunt & grooming  -Scottish Terrier

  3. Debby Shaver says:

    I need  to register my Scottish Terrier for the Barn Hunt every day..  

  4. Those of you wanting to enter Barn Hunt, please go to the Barn Hunt website at Read the rules, and in order to compete at this trial you also will have to register your dog. There will also be run throughs and handling sessions available. 

    And to correct an error above; the rats are not in metal tubes (too hot, not sturdy enough). Rats are housed in heavy-duty, well ventilated PVC tubes and are traded out for rest and breaks often.

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