A Glimpse into the Vendors at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows

The 2015 Houston World Series of Dog Shows will take place this summer, July 15-19, for the 38th time. Below are just five of the vendors who specialize in pet products and will be selling their wares at the McScotty Market.

·       Best Puppies on Earth Boutique LLC– provides customers with the widest variety of supplies, from dog beds and grooming to products to toys and treats, for a happy and healthy dog.

·       Doggiee Snack Bar– specializes in "Natural and Organic" Doggiee treats, Eco and earth-friendly products, fashionable Doggiee products, interactive programs and exercises to enhance the quality of life of you and your furry companion.

·       Bun-GEE Pup-EE– offers an innovative dog leash and collar system designed to provide resistance and absorb the shock of a pet’s sudden movements.

·       Isle of Dogs– offers a variety of pet grooming products including a complete coat and skin system based on two natural raw materials—evening primrose oil and royal jelly.

This list of vendors offers a glimpse of the booths that will be available this year at the 38th Annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows. Be sure to come check them all out this summer!

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3 Responses to “A Glimpse into the Vendors at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows”

  1. Cindy Carver says:

    DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission is super excited to be participating in the 38th Annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows!  
    We know it takes a year's worth of planning and coordination to put together an awesome event of this magnitude and we would like extend our sincere appreciation to the event coordinators for allowing non-profit rescues like DREAM, the opportunity to showcase our adorable, adoptable DREAM Dachshunds!  This will be our third year participating and we're looking forward to seeing all the dog lovers in attendance this year! 
    Visit us at http://www.DreamDachs.org and "Like" us on Facebook!

  2. Joan Nering says:

    It's so close to show time but I can't find a schematic of  the vendor booths on your site.  I will be helping to set up at the PET PATROL booth and would like to see exactly where it is located in the scheme of the show.
    Thanks for your help,
    Joan Nering

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