My Dog Can Do That!

IT’S BACK!! The 35th Annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows, July 18-22, 2012, is excited to bring back the My Dog Can Do That! events inviting all dogs of different breeds and mixes to test their skills in agility courses.  With the help of professional trainers, your dog will run a condensed version of the agility courses seen throughout the five days of dog shows.  The My Dog Can Do That! events will occur on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22, ONLY. Times will be announced closer to show dates. The events are free and open to all dogs as long as they are 6 months old and on a regular 4-to-6 foot leash.  No prior registration needed; however, in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment at the dog show, proof of rabies vaccination is required.

As an added bonus to participating in the My Dog Can Do That! events, the American Kennel Club will offer participants a discounted registration in its AKC Canine Partners℠ program.  The program is for ALL dogs, including mixed-breeds, and allows them to list with AKC and compete in many events, including agility.  With the AKC Canine Partners listing, you also receive other perks including a lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR Pet Recovery Service and a complimentary 60-Day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. For more information on the AKC Canine Partners program, visit or check out the flier below.  Stay updated with Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows news and information by following us on Facebook and Twitter @Reliantdogshows or signing up for our e-newsletter.

AKC Canine Partners Information

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15 Responses to “My Dog Can Do That!”

  1. my dog addie would love to be aprt of that

  2. Susan says:

    What time?

    • bqradvertising says:

      My Dog Can Do That! area will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., July 21 and Sun., July 22

  3. Jan and Buckley says:

    Do the applicants need to be spayed or neutered to enter the agility course???

  4. Saieu says:

    I love to bring my dogs to join, can one handler bring 2 dogs? also what’s the course like (what do they have to do?) Where do we go to register at the dog show?

    • bqradvertising says:

      You are more than welcome to bring 2 dogs to participate in the My Dog Can Do That! event but we suggest you have someone there to handle/hold one dog while you are doing the agility course with the other. The course is a condensed version of the competition agility course, we will not know they exact set up until the show. Registration will be at the show prior to running the course. See you there!

  5. I would love to bring Bosco, my rescued dog as he is very smart and loves to work and play.  

  6. Patti says:

    We saw the segment about the Dog Show at Reliant , this morning on Deborah Duncan Great Day Houston.
    My dog Max, a mixed breed, male, is the smartest four paw'd dude that I have ever adopted.
    I can't keep him out of the poo. It's an above ground pool with a pet ramp to get out safely. He lovesrunning and  retrieving his toys.
    Where do I find a place in Houston (Galleria area)  for Max to train and compete in the agility and obstalce course events? He is EXTREMELY Competive~!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will the Dog show have a place to evalute his talents and particijpate?
    We ready and willing!!
    Max and mommy

  7. Deanne says:

    Good morning!  I could not get the link you posted to load, re: Obedience Training Facilities.  Error 404.  Thanks.

  8. Ruth says:

    I am wanting to get an PAL/ILP for my BC.  Would this be possible at the show?

  9. buy a dog says:

    if you like to train your dog we can help you .with simple training technics we can accomplish everithing !! try to train your dog with us !!

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